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How long do the transfers take to be received?

Payments made from your overseas bank account to Banq24 will typically take 3 to 5 working days to be received.

What can I do if the funds didn’t arrive into my account?

Please send us the official MT103 SWIFT payment confirmation from your bank. If we are unable to determine the cause of failure, the sending party will need to start an official tracer investigation with their bank in order to locate the missing funds.

Are there any bank fees involved beside the Banq24 fees?

There might be bank fees involved which will be deducted from the amount depending on the transaction. Banq24 has no control over these fees.

If I’m a company, can I receive payments from individuals and businesses?

You can accept business-to-business payments and PSP settlements. However, depending on your type of business, you might not be able to receive payment from individuals. To find out more about this, you can email our support team specifying your type of business and we will let you know.

If I’m an individual, can I receive payments from individuals and businesses?

You can only receive payments from: 
– Deposits from another account owned by you 
– Salary Deposits (require Supporting Document) 
– Dividends deposits (require Supporting Document)

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